7 ways to find your healthy self! 0

Posted on 5, September 2018

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7 Ways to find your healthy self!

7 ways to find your healthy self!/time managment home exercise exercises


This year we have had a fabulous, warm summer. The weather has been marvelous sitting out enjoying a glass of wine whilst eating al fresco as much as possible. All routines have been thrown out of the window especially any exercise that may have been done during term time.

But this week it’s back to school! The kids may be excited to see their friends after what seems like a very long summer but are we ready to find our healthy groove again?  Are you ready to get back into a healthy routine and find a place for some exercise within your week? Do not worry! I am here to guide and ease you into your very own routine.

Here are my top tips to help you find your groove again but most importantly find some time for YOU!

  1. Start with a replacing your first coffee/tea drink in the morning with a hot water and lemon or ginger. This will help to stimulate your digestive system and wake you up slowly.
  2. Start walking – can you walk the kids to school? If not, can you go for a walk once you have done the morning drop off? Can you walk at lunch when you get a break at work? See where you can put in some walking rather than driving or just doing nothing for 20min. You will feel loads better after it. I promise!
  3. Plan your meals for a week, then you can ensure you have all the food you need to keep it simple and healthy. Being prepared is the key to a successful healthy lifestyle rather than grabbing the first thing you can when you suddenly get starving.
  4. Drink plenty of water, keeping a large bottle on your desk at work or at home you can see how much you are getting through throughout the day and this will help to keep you more alert, energized and hydrated.
  5. Find a class to motivate you. There are many classes to suit all desires. So whether its Zumba, Spinning or a Yoga class. Check out your local community centre, halls and other local venues to see whether it would suit you day and timewise and ask for a trial session to see if you would like it or not.
  6. If you like to exercise on your own, then maybe finding an exercise DVD of choice to do at home will help to keep you motivated. There are tonnes online so just search for ones that may motivate you.
  7. Go to sleep slightly earlier than your summer sleep time. This will help you get back into routine and feel rested after a very busy day and week. Lost sleep over the week will certainly have an effect on our mood and motivation and these need to be lifted by eating well, exercising and sleeping. Keep these 3 things on a balance and we are sure to find our groove in no time!


7 ways to find your healthy self!/time managment home exercise exercises