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Why you should start massaging your c-section scar? 0

Posted on 19, April 2019

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  Why you should start massaging your c-section scar? Have you had a c-section? Does your scar ever cause pain and pull when performing day to day tasks? Do you feel a tingling or numbness around or on your c-section scar? Does your c-section scar feel lumpy and have a bulge above the scar that does not seem to disappear? Do you suffer from back pain? Do you have a SIJ pain that with treatment has not improved? If you have answered any of those with a yes, then it could be time to invest in some remedial massage therapy [&hellip

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C-Section Recovery, Breathing and what to do in the first 6 weeks?! 0

Posted on 28, September 2017

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C-Section Recovery, Breathing and What to do in the first 6 weeks? I am sure my father in law would not mind me using him as a reference but he recently had a hip operation to help repair his hip joint after falling from his bike on a closed circuit cycling event. Since his operation he has had multiple follow up appointments with his surgeon, physiotherapist and hydrotherapy to help his recovery with plenty of ‘homework’ to be done at home in between appointments. He has worked very hard to recover and rehab his hip and he has had to [&hellip

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