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Why you should start massaging your c-section scar? 0

Posted on 19, April 2019

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  Why you should start massaging your c-section scar? Have you had a c-section? Does your scar ever cause pain and pull when performing day to day tasks? Do you feel a tingling or numbness around or on your c-section scar? Does your c-section scar feel lumpy and have a bulge above the scar that does not seem to disappear? Do you suffer from back pain? Do you have a SIJ pain that with treatment has not improved? If you have answered any of those with a yes, then it could be time to invest in some remedial massage therapy [&hellip

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Pilates for Runners Workshop – 8th July 0

Posted on 20, June 2018

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Pilates for Runners workshop – Pelvis Stability, Core and Glute Strength!  (This will be a repeat of the one done on the 20th May) 8th July 5-6pm (Please make note of the start time being 5pm) Cassington Village Hall £10 Join me in my Pilates for Runners workshop to learn how to stabilise your pelvis for running by simply incorporating core and leg strength into your training programme. It does not need to be hours of extra work but just a few exercises that will compliment your training and support you in your running. Whether you are a couch to 5k runner or an [&hellip

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5 Core exercises for Runners 0

Posted on 24, May 2018

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5 Core exercises for Runners I was thinking about my pilates for runners workshop and what really came through as a topic of interest to everyone that attended was the stability of your pelvis when running. So, I thought I would discuss this a little deeper for those interested. We may know we need this but may not know how to achieve it. We often know that we should strengthen our ‘core muscles’ for running but are we doing this as effectively as we can when we are doing it and remember each rep counts! When we run, one leg moves forward whilst [&hellip

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Back Care Workshop 2013 0

Posted on 20, November 2012

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Back Care workshop Do you suffer with a sore back?  Do you find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning? Is your flexibility limited? Pilates can help you create body awareness and this will help to improve your posture. As a result you can help to reduce the imbalances creating increased load in various parts of your body and in turn help to reduce pain. I am looking to start a regular Back care workshop once a month in 2013. If this is something that would interest you please contact me on email and let me know

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