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Stay fit and strong with regular workouts to make everyone wonder why you look so awesome and keep smiling!

Membership gives you unlimited access to the video library

High quality videos

Exercises are shown from within a fitness studio with clear instructions.

Qualified instructors

There will be guest instructors to the physically-fit membership offering you more variety.

Filter by duration

When you only have a set time to exercise, choose a video that works with your time limitations.

VarIety of classes

Lots of classes on offer filtered by equipment choice; resistance bands, stability ball, soft ball, weights, massage ball, foam roller, yoga, HIIT and fitness circle to name a few. 

Online Class Membership

Looking for a convenient way to have access to a variety of Pilates classes online! Well, look no further! Angela has developed an online membership just for you! Effective Home Workouts with technical guidance and support throughout! The online classes can support the weekly live group sessions by offering you an extra workout during your week to suit your time and equipment needs. All your pilates needs in one place! The only thing to do now is to make sure you have all the props you need to make it fun and more challenging. 

What do you get? 

I am offering you this great membership deal to access a variety of pre-recorded videos for you to use at your own leisure. No need to rush to a workout, plan it into your family/work schedule, pencil the time in for you and hide from the kids for some much needed YOU time! Every session will count to transforming you to feeling better and stronger each day! 

This will be available for you at a special price of £5.99 a month. 

1. Each week I will be adding more classes so please do let me know any special requests!
2. Technical guidance for a lot of the pilates exercises 
3. A variety of props to add variety and challenge to each workout
4. Time filtered, so if you only have 10mins (every minute counts) find a class to fit
5. Guest instructor workouts to be added to offer more variety, fun and challenge
6. No subscription fee
7. Cancel anytime


What happens next?

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3. You will be sent a confirmation email with all your login details and receipt of payment. 
4. You are then ready to start your pilates online journey. 
5. ENJOY! 

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