Pilates for runners in Oxford 0

Posted on 20, November 2012

in Category Pilates Classes

Pilates training specific for running

Are you a runner? Do you suffer from IT Band problems? Runners knee? Knee pain? Foot pain? Back pain?

Pilates can help you by

1. Helping to stretch your hip flexors

2. Help to strengthen your buttocks

3. Improve posture and spinal alignment

4. Body awareness which results in good pelvis stability resulting in a better gait

5. Allowing you as the runner to continue training through injury and help rehabilitate after injury.

I am currently running a class on Friday’s for 4 weeks (ending 26th June) from 1.30-2.30pm in Garsington, Oxford. If this interests you please get in touch as numbers are limited to allow for individual attention in a group environment.