Post Natal Core Restore – Phase 2 0

Posted on 30, March 2016

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Post Natal Core Rehabilitation

Phase 2 – Body Weight Loading

Now you are confident with breathing correctly (read and are able to do my Core Restore – Early Days exercises for rehabilitation) and engaging your pelvic floor whilst lifting your baby and general things at home we can move onto a little more challenging things for your body in order to restore you to a new body where you can feel happy and confident about your body image especially post baby.

Start with these 4 exercises:

Squatting – Aim to do 3 sets of 12 reps

  1. Start with feet hip width apart (if you prefer a wider stance that is fine)
  2. Breathe in to sit back as if to sit onto a chair
  3. Keep a neutral back
  4. Knees follow over toes
  5. Breathe out to engage pelvic floor
  6. Press feet into the floor
  7. Squeeze butt to stand back upright in a good alignment (read article from Phase 1)

Half Press ups – Aim to do 3 sets of 8 reps

  1. Starting on your knees and hands under shoulders
  2. Knees, hips and shoulders in one alignment
  3. Breathe in to bend elbows wide
  4. Lower chest towards the floor
  5. Keep head aligned with spine
  6. Breathe out to lift naval
  7. Press hands into floor
  8. Return to start position

Kneeling to standing lunges – Aim to do 2 sets of 12 reps each leg

  1. Starting in a split kneeling position (both knees at 90 degrees)
  2. Inhale to prepare, lift pelvic floor and engage core connection
  3. Breathe out to press into front foot and stand upright
  4. Return same leg to kneeling
  5. Exhale on exertion

Standing Reverse flyes using a band

  1. Start standing in a good neutral alignment
  2. Hold a band out in front of you at chest height about shoulder width apart
  3. Breathe out to lift pelvic floor and engage core connection
  4. Pull band wide keeping elbows straight
  5. Feel the work between your shoulder blades
  6. Slowly return the band to start position as you breathe in

These should not take you any longer than 15min to do so try find a space in your day to fit them in.