Squatting for Life, Labour and Post delivery 0

Posted on 7, July 2014

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Squatting for life, labour and post delivery

So, one of the biggest things I can share with any pre or post natal woman is the importance of the squat for functional movement in daily life but even more useful in labour and then when your baby has arrived.

I have always remained fit throughout my pregnancy,  by swimming,  cycling, teaching  body balance but most importantly I did some strength training twice a week (that’s all I felt I could fit in as I was still working plus I needed to listen to my body and this is what I could cope with)

I feel that I would like to share something very important with every woman thinking of having a baby, being pregnant, in labour and arriving home with your baby. Do strength training.

It is very effective in

  • Increasing your metabolism
  • Reducing fat storage
  • Keeping muscle tone and definition
  • Burn more calories than just doing cardio fitness
  • Keeps body strong for future of lifting the car seat, pram, and large baby bag that now replaces your lovely handbag you used to use.

If weight training is something that scares you, fear not! There are plenty of trainers out there that can help as well as youtube videos. The most important thing is to start as soon as possible to build your technique and strength slowly.

I feel that one of the best exercises I did whilst pregnant was a SQUAT! Not only do we do this every day, going to the toilet, getting in and out of the car but now Islay (my gorgeous 18 week old baby is here) I squat even more to pick her up, put her down, and do a bounce/squat type move to calm her which works. I should have thighs of steel from it but nonetheless squatting in my pregnancy certainly helped me to maintain the strength needed now for all the lifting, bending, pushing and pulling I need to do on a daily basis. In fact my daily tasks are like a strength workout.

The second reason I would like to share with you as to why I feel squatting is so important is that I was able to stand in labour and perform a squat to assist the arrival of Islay without getting tired in my legs. Sorry, if that puts a bad image in your head but squatting is a great position for you to delivery your baby in where possible. Of course if you need intervention this will not be possible but if you can have a natural delivery then give squatting a go!

Thirdly, by squatting this helps to engage your pelvic floor. In fact your pelvic floor loves any sort of movement. As you squat the pf (pelvic floor) strengthens and as you stand back up your pf shortens (contracts). As a result without specifically doing your pf you will be working your pf muscles.  If something so simple can help with pf repair its worth doing right? We can’t get any simpler than that!

Happy squatting ladies.