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Posted on 19, April 2019

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Why you should start massaging your c-section scar?

  1. Have you had a c-section?
  2. Does your scar ever cause pain and pull when performing day to day tasks?
  3. Do you feel a tingling or numbness around or on your c-section scar?
  4. Does your c-section scar feel lumpy and have a bulge above the scar that does not seem to disappear?
  5. Do you suffer from back pain?
  6. Do you have a SIJ pain that with treatment has not improved?

If you have answered any of those with a yes, then it could be time to invest in some remedial massage therapy on your scar and the area around it. Massage has been proven to be very effective in healing and reducing inflammation to an area, it can help to flush left over toxins from an intrusive operation such as a c-section and can help to break down adhesions which can be left from such an operation and procedure.

Scar tissue is a natural process that occurs after an injury but the tissue is more fibrous and over time can become inflexible, stuck together and uncomfortable. Remedial massage work helps to soften the lumps, bumps, gaps and knots to become smoother and more supple. This helps to reduce visually the line that you see on the surface to the deeper layers that need some movement helping to improve blood flow to help generate a greater healing to the area.

There are 3 issues that can arise from scar tissue after a cesarean birth.

  1. Bladder frequency
  2. Pain on intercourse
  3. Lower back pain

These can all be improved with performing c-section scar massage.  Now, I know it can be difficult to touch or even look at the surgical scar. If you find you fall into this bracket then I would strongly encourage you to seek out birth trauma support or councelling before you can fully heal. This is a good starting point. We need to break down this barrier before you can fully connect and heal in this area.  Check out your local birth trauma councelling or contact your local hospital.

How to massage your scar?

Once you can touch this area it’s important to remember that gentle rubbing of the skin is not going to break it open.  In order to avoid these 3 issues, you must get down to the deepest organ level and make sure things can move freely.

Please share this information.  Too many women are suffering from scar tissue issues and not realizing the problem is from a cesarean birth that may have been many years ago.  In fact, some of these issues don’t show up until 10-15 years afterwards.

If you feel that you suffer from any of the above issues then you may benefit from massaging your c section scar.

If you would like further information about this and whether this is something you would benefit from please get in touch by email angela.jameson@physically-fit.co.uk

I have appointments on Wednesday and Saturdays.

C-SECTION AND DIASTASIS RECTI WORKSHOP – 8th May, 10.30-12pm at the Cassington Village Hall, £20

Please join me and Charlotte Church, a women’s physiotherapist who will be helping unravel the myths of a c-section and DR and learn how to massage your scar to improve blood flow and reduce adhesions to the area. I will then be performing a mini pilates workout specific for DR restoration and aimed to reduce the gap!