Posted on 24, May 2018

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I came to Angela for a personal training session when I was trying to get into shape between my second and third pregnancies. She gave me a fantastic tailored programme and helped motivate me to stick to it. It was a really positive experience. It made total sense to me to start mums and babies Pilates when my baby was 8 weeks old. Gentle but targeted work on the core really helped me to rehabilitate post-birth and it was such a supportive group, with Angela at the heart of it all, understanding babies and how discouraged mums of newborns can feel. I have been amazed by the gradual improvement in my posture and strength as a result and I notice that when I miss a class I get much more backache so it must be preventing problems too. It’s one of the few experiences of exercise in my life which I don’t have to coax myself into doing – I love the classes. Angela knows each person’s particular needs and manages to support and challenge each individual even in the context of a group session. Her warmth, friendliness and humour create a really encouraging environment in which to challenge yourself, or go easy, whatever is needed at the time.