Posted on 6, May 2015

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1. Why did you start post natal pilates?
Because I had a 4-finger stomach muscle separation after being pregnant and wanted to try and work on improving that and also to do some general exercise and strengthening work.

2. How did you hear about Angela’s Post natal pilates class?
I spoke to someone at the pilates studio in Witney who recommended Angela for post-natal.

3. What do you feel you have gained from attending the post natal pilates class?
Regular exercise, improved muscle strength and met some other nice mums.

4. What attributes does Angela have that she brings to the class?
She’s very positive and encouraging and spends time giving individual help to each person. She is relaxed about having the various babies in the class interupting from time to time!

5. How has the class helped you? I think it has helped reduce the muscle separation and also helped me feel that there was something manageable I could do to strenthen my muscles again after being pregnant.

6. Would you recommend doing a post natal pilates class over running ( or any other high impact aerobic class) too quickly post delivery and why?
Definitely. Doing anything too high impact too quickly would do more damage than good. Pilates is effective but gentle.