Posted on 6, May 2015

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1. Why did you start post natal pilates?
To try and improve my core muscles after giving birth

2. How did you hear about Angela’s Post natal pilates class?
From the anti-natel classes I joined which I got from a leaflet given to me by the midwife

3. What do you feel you have gained from attending the post natal pilates class?
I feel fitter and feel like I’m achieving strengthening my core.

4. What attributes does Angela have that she brings to the class?
She brings in advice about strengthening stomach muscles and she tailors her class for postnatal bodies.

5. How has the class helped you?
It has helped start to strengthen my muscles, has given me ideas of what I can do at home, it gets us out of the house and it’s a friendly atmosphere.

6. Would you recommend doing a post natal pilates class over running ( or any other high impact aerobic class) too quickly post delivery and why?
Yes I would as it is more enjoyable to be in a class then trying to motivate yourself on your own. Also you are broken into the exercises gently and they are designed for post baby bodies.