Posted on 6, May 2015

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1. Why did you start post natal pilates?
Advised by physio following hip problems during pregnancy.

2.How did you hear about Angela’s Post natal pilates class?
Recommended by physio

3. What do you feel you have gained from attending the post natal pilates class?
A strong core. I feel that I have recovered from my second pregnancy better and did not suffer with hip problems as much as I did the first time

4. What attributes does Angela have that she brings to the class?
She motivates me and also listens to me and my needs

5.How has the class helped you?
I feel that I understand my body and feel I have a stronger core

6. Would you recommend doing a post natal pilates class? I have already recommeded Angela’s class to loads of people as feel that it is so beneficial in giving you knowledge for healing yourself best post natally without causing long term damage.