POST NATAL TESTIMONIAL – Caroline and Emily 0

Posted on 3, March 2016

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“I  have attended Angela’s Pilates classes in one form or another since 2007. I first met her when I was a member of the David Lloyd gym in Cowley. I was completely new to class-taught Pilates; I had previously tried to use a Pilates DVD to teach myself, but quickly lost interest. I decided to give classes a try due to numerous running injuries I had sustained through improper alignment.


With Angela’s tuition I quickly realised how valuable it is to find a Pilates instructor who is willing to go around class members and physically tweak/correct their alignment when performing an exercise. A gentle prod or readjustment can be the difference between getting nothing out of an exercise and really feeling where it is supposed to be working – better connecting you with your body in the way that Pilates intended. As well as this, Angela’s explanations and demonstrations of each exercise are always clear and unhurried, with numerous options to tailor for a range of abilities. She helped me to understand my body better and improved my posture and core strength to a level I had never previously achieved.


I had been doing Angela’s pre-natal classes for some months prior to the birth of my first child, Emily, and had always intended on coming back post birth. As it happened I had a pretty traumatic birthing experience which left me with a lot of damage and weakness, so returning to be carefully rebuilt over a period of weeks then became a necessity.


Angela places a great deal of emphasis on a solid and steady-paced recovery. She builds up the intensity of the exercises week on week, ensuring that those with diastasis recti and weakness due to tears or caesarian section are all catered for. Her attention to detail is impeccable and her patience with the sometimes fractious little ones is a great relief! Having had a little one herself, she is brimming over with empathy for those of us who feel they have suddenly lost touch with or control over their new post-birth pelvic floor, and she regularly checks in to see how we are all feeling in ourselves overall. (She also carefully coaches us on how to maintain good posture when lifting and putting down our babies – a very valuable lesson given that they only get heavier!)


I know that doing these classes have made a difference to my recovery. My gynae physio saw me at 11 weeks post-partum and told me that I was around 80% recovered, which in her view was impressive considering what I had been through. I am convinced that if I had gone back to my previous high impact exercise regime too early I would have not done myself any favours at all. Emily is six months old now and I feel strong again, and confident – I have Angela to thank for this!”