Posted on 24, May 2018

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I came across Angela when I was looking to improve my fitness through pregnancy and avoid some of the pain I’d experienced in my previous pregnancy. I hadn’t done any pilates before pregnancy and was feeling pretty unfit and uncomfortable in my body before I started the classes. Angela is a fantastic instructor- really welcoming and friendly, explains everything really well (with interesting anecdotes and heaps of helpful advice). She is really attentive and gives 1-to-1 support as required but manages to keep the class flowing well, managing a full range of women in different stages of pregnancy with different problems and past experiences of pilates. The classes made me feel much stronger, fitter and more comfortable and I felt gave me better awareness of my body and my baby which was invaluable through the later stages of pregnancy and labour. Revisiting some of the ideas and exercises postnatally have also helped me feel stronger and more confident in my recovery. As well as the pilates, it was nice to meet other pregnant women and I came away from every class feeling relaxed, energised and positive. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Angela’s classes- the best use of my spare time and cash in pregnancy!