Posted on 3, March 2016

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I started pre-natal Pilates as a way to get my body in shape for the rest of my pregnancy, for labour and for a hopefully easier recovery post-delivery.

I heard about Angela’s classes on Facebook. A friend of mine had ‘liked’ her page and so it popped up on my news feed, and I’m so pleased it did!

I feel that I’ve gained continued flexibility. I am a fairly flexible person with good mobility but during my pregnancy, I have found that my muscles have been getting stiffer, causing some discomfort. Angela’s classes have enabled me to regain some of my flexibility and as a result, less discomfort.

Angela is very motivating. I have always found the hour-long classes to fly by as she keeps the class moving at a good pace. Also, if you are unable to do a particular exercise, she always offers an alternative.

The class has helped me to be more mindful of my body, particularly as I’m not far away from my due date. The breathing techniques will help greatly when I’m in labour.

As an Osteopath, I fully endorse Pilates as a form of exercise that everyone can enjoy. I would, therefore, recommend pre-natal Pilates classes to both my patients and friends as it’s a gentle form of exercise that really helps to strengthen the body.

I have thoroughly enjoyed Angela’s Pre-natal Pilates classes and I’m looking forward to attending her post-natal classes in the not-to-distant future!