Posted on 12, September 2017

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1. Why did you start pre natal Pilates?
I started pre natal pilates as I had to stop playing netball and wanted some pregnancy friendly exericse.

2. How did you hear about Angela’s Pre natal PIlates class?

I did Angela’s pre natal pilates class with my first child and it helped so much so i contacted her again when i found out i was pregnant with my second.
3. What did you find useful about Angela’s pre natal pilates class?

It was a really great class – it was even better than simply pregnancy friendly exercise! It was really useful for giving tips for coping with the physical changes of pregnancy, strengthening my body and giving advice about how to prepare for picking up baby/lifting car seats etc. I also really enjoyed the relaxation we did in the classes PRE NATAL TESTIMONIAL   Rachel Loh/
4. How did the class help you through your pregnancy and post natal recovery?

I’m sure pilates had a big impact on the speed of my recovery after the birth. My midwife commented that I seemed to be moving well and recovering quickly.

5.What did Angela teach you throughout the class?

Pregnancy friendly pilate exercises that I could also do at home.

6. Do you think the class helped with your delivery and post natal recovery?
Yes!! Spending some time each week relaxing was definitely beneficial in preparing for the birth.