Posted on 12, September 2017

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1. Why did you start pre natal/post natal pilates?
I wanted to keep exercising in a way that was comfortable and safe during and after my pregnancy.

2. How did you find out about Angela’s class?
A pregnant friend recommended Angela.

3. What did you find useful about the class?
It was great to be able to stretch through any pain and tightness I was having during my pregnancy and to work on strengthening the muscles that are important when carrying all that extra weight! It was also nice to chat to other Mums to be.

4. How did it help you throughout your pregnancy/post natal recovery?
The stretching was the best thing, I always felt like I stood up straighter (even just for a little while!) after every class.

5. What did Angela offer you/teach you throughout the classes?
Angela gave me many exercises and tips that I could use at home and it was especially good to learn how to strengthen my pelvic floor muscles properly.

6. Do you feel it helped with your delivery or/and post natal recovery
I definitely think that Angela’s class helped with my post natal recovery as you do many exercises to strengthen muscles that are important for all the bending and lifting involved with having a baby.

7. Anything else you would like to add?
I would recommend Angela’s classes to anyone who is pregnant or looking for a post natal class as Angela is a fabulous teach and will ensure that you are doing the exercises safely and correctly during the class.