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"I started physically-fit for mothers who want to prepare and recover quickly from childbirth. We offer group and one to one fitness sessions and our membership club allows you to follow our premium videos at a time and place right for you."


If you are needing more time to fit in a workout then my online classes are just for you. The membership was developed in order to give you more variety anytime of the day. From morning to evening you can find a short or long class to suit your mood and level that day. I also have a variety of technique videos to help support the online live classes so you can practice those challenging moves outside of the class and see your improvements quicker. Take a look around, try some of the taster videos to see what you will get when you sign up and I look forward to keeping you moving and motivated each day with one of my classes!
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Enjoy a variety of classes for all levels and abilities. I am trained in all levels on the pilates mat, reformer, cadillac and barrels. There is a lot of variety and choice in the classes on offer, from resistance bands to fitness circles and foam rollers. This helps to keep the classes interesting, challenging and ever changing. Pilates is a great way to tone and strengthen your body making you look and feel your best. I also specialise in back conditions, scoliosis and other sport related injuries. Pilates is a great way too keep training through any injury, this is idea for any active individual who does not want to take any time off.
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If you are looking for a more specific hands on approach, perhaps a private one to one is for you. I will start wherever your fitness levels are and build to your aims and goals. I am trained on all of the pilates equipment, from the reformer, cadillac and barrels. I am specially trained in pregnancy pilates, health and wellness and can guide you through a safe programme. I am also an expert in post natal recovery, with a specific focus on healing any Diastasis Recti or C-Section. I can create a plan specific to you so you can have a safe and effective workout whilst doing the exercises safely.
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Running for pilates

My Running for Pilates workshops which have always been in demand. They are focused on supporting the runner who perhaps does not have time to do extra core, back and rehab training to prevent injury or allow the runner to continue training through injury to avoid any further set backs. This is a must for all runners.

c section recovery

My C Section Recovery Workshop which was designed to help inform anyone who is planning an elective c section or for any post natal woman who has had a C section in the past year. Having experienced a c section myself this is a very personal workshop for me and I know how you feel! I want you to feel better and be in less pain!


Massage - come and enjoy a variety of massage treatments at my private luxury studio. I offer sports massage for those who like a deeper massage and I also offer safe pregnancy massage and specialise in abdominal scar massage and Diastasis Recti healing massage.