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"The stronger you are the better you feel" 

Staying active in pregnancy

Being active throughout your pregnancy is one of the best things you can do for you and your baby! It will build your core strength, teach you functional movements to cope with your day to day demands and remind you to do your pelvic floor exercises. 

Some days will feel easier than others due to the growing and ever changing bump. Change of hormones, energy levels and your centre of gravity being challenged. Keeping this all in mind you need to be able to modify exercises and do what you feel up to that day. 

So perhaps its just a walk or a swim one day to a HIIT and weights class another day. Whatever, it is just be mindful whatever you choose and do what feels right for you on that day! 

Pilates during your Pregnancy

Pilates is such a lovely class to start or continue during your pregnancy and beyond. Angela's Pilates Class is a combination of all the pilates exercises modified for each trimester and also incorporates, pelvic floor exercises, strength training using weights and resistance bands and ensuring we develop the functional strength through good squatting and lunging techniques ready for all the lifting and loading that baby and their things demand of you. 

Angela's Pregnancy Pilates Class runs on a Thursday at 7.30pm-8.30pm. The class usually runs as a course during term time only depending on the length of the term the number of sessions can vary. Usually is 6 weeks for £48.

Private one-to-one sessions available.

Angela is available for private in person one to one sessions. These are great in order to give you the confidence to exercise during your pregnancy and to ensure you are doing the exercises correctly. In the Covid times where most classes have now moved online, we can miss that hands on approach to our training. I would always suggest if you wanted to do an online group class and needed a little confidence that you were doing the exercises right, that you book a private session too help you get started.

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