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Why do a DR/C section Scar Massage? 

Do you experience any of the following symptoms:

1. pain during sex 

2. clitoral and/or labial pain 

3. feeling like you need to go pee A LOT 

4. numbness around the scar lumpy or hard spots over/around the scar 

5. feeling of tightness or rigidity around the scar 

6. tenderness around the scar pelvic pain

7. lower back pain, pain in the groin you can’t feel your abdominals doing work! 

8. struggles with infertility after a previous C-section

9. digestive troubles

10. IBS 

Any of those sound familiar? Remember that the scar is not just what we can see. It extends into the body much further than the surface appearance. (see the video below) Scar tissue forms after the procedure to replace normal tissues. It’s not laid down as “neatly” and is less pliable/flexible. There can be adhesions that occur from the scar tissue to surrounding areas. The scar tissue can attach, or adhere, itself to skin, muscles, connective tissues. This is why there can be issues after C-sections to the abdominal, trunk, and pelvic regions.
Check out this really amazing video that will help you understand the depth of your scar and why massage is so important to healing those deeper layers.

Anatomy of a C-Section. Take a look at this great video showing the many levels that a surgeon has to cut through to reach the baby. A C-Section is major surgery and a full holistic recovery approach should be taken to help with healing. (from Naturally Nurtured Birth Services)

Benefits of a DR/C Section Scar Massage?

The post c-section massage can help the scar to heal nicely with good mobility and improved function of the abdominal muscles. Scar massage can help prevent excessive scarring and make the scar appear less noticeable (remember, no invisible). The benefits can not be overstated! Unfortunately, most women are only advised to monitor the outside of their scar, checking for signs of infection. 
Just very few primary care providers advise or show how to massage their scars and / or tell why this is beneficial, leaving women to suffer, sometimes for years, in discomfort or even pain. Its never too late to massage your scar ever!! Contact Angela and book your massage in today! 

How do I book for a Massage?

If you would like to start massaging your scar and the thought scares you, or you would like some support with starting to massage your scar then booking in for a session with Angela will be the best place to start. Angela will initially have a chat with how you are feeling and what you feel comfortable with. Some ladies are very happy touching their scars and others need to take a slower approach to starting this. Wherever, you are, Angela will support and guide you to doing this at your own pace. After the massage, Angela will show you some self massage techniques so you can continue the love at home. 

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