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"Every moment of our life can be the beginning of great things" Joseph Pilates

What is Post Natal Pilates?

Post Natal Pilates is a fantastic way to build your body strength post birth. This class will ensure you work effectively and safely at your level. It will ensure you do the exercises correctly with guidance to ensure a comprehensive recovery.  This class is fun, dynamic and gets you ready for the demands of being a mum.  Come and give it a try! 

What happens next?

All of our classes are currently running via the Zoom app and in person. In person places are limited to 6 people so booking is on a first come first serve basis. Once you have booked onto a class or classes, (they usually run term time), you will receive a confirmation email of your purchase. I will then contact you to send you the live link to join online or give you further information on the future class. 

Private one to one Sessions

As a new mum you may want to book an in person one to one session with me. These are such a good way to ensure you get the focus and attention that you deserve. This is also a good idea before starting on one of the post natal classes so that you know where you are starting from. I will check your DR or C section and ensure you have a programme to suit your starting point. Feel free to drop me an email, alternatively I very happy to have a chat through anything too. 

C section and Diastasic Recovery 

I am a fully trained massage therapist specialising in C-Section and DR recovery through soft tissue therapy. Massage can help break down adhesions that are as a result of the operation and help to encourage increased blood flow and oxygenation to the scar site which will help with regaining feeling and increased recovery. For more information on how massage can help please read my helpful articles.  

Helpful articles