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C Section Massage - what is the best way to do this?

By Angela Jameson on 7 September 2020

I am sure there are many methods that can be applied to performing the C- section massage, but here is how I do it and has worked for me and my past clients.

Start by using any oil/cream you may have. I personally liked using Rosehip oil, it is said to be great for nourishing the skin, improving texture and tone, plus its supposed to help stretch marks! Tropic, Tamanu Healing Balm is also great on any scars.


Start by massaging your entire stomach in a clockwise direction. This will get you feeling comfortable with touching your skin and bringing connection to your brain. Moving in a clockwise direction can help improve digestion and often this is quite slow post surgery due to not moving as much. Once you feel comfortable with this try and move closer and closer to the scar until you feel comfortable touching the scar. Sometimes I have ladies just hold their whole palm of hand over their scar and breathe. The massage is meant to be healing, restful and relaxing. If at any point you become stressed or emotional, please stop and visit it another day to give it another try.


you may or may not be ready to touch your scar but you can do this as close to your scar as possible and for those who are comfortable, you can perform this on the scar. Starting from the left side of your scar, press lightly down into your skin and drag your finger all the way to the right side of the scar. Repeat this movement 5-10 times. Then reverse this movement and do it from right to left 5-10 times.

**notice how the scar feels, all of it lumpy, parts of it lumpy, the ends feel restricted etc. As you progress your massage and touch do you feel this improving**


Starting just above the scar moving from left to right again, press lightly down and drag your fingers towards your belly button. Lift off and move a little to the right along the scar, press down and pull upwards towards your belly button. Keep repeating this until you reach the end of your scar on one side and then do it all the way back to the starting side.


Similar to the above but starting on the scar press lightly down and on a diagonal pull upwards, using your other hand to anchor below the scar and pull slightly downwards. Repeat along the scar from left to right and then back from right to left.


Performing mini circles with your index and middle finger, moving from left to right and right to left again. Press firmly without causing pain. If you don't feel comfortable doing this on the scar do it above and below the scar until you find it easier to do it on the scar.


In order to do this you do need a smooth lacrosse type massage ball. Like a spikey massage ball but smooth. Press it down onto the scar and gently twist, move along the scar (or as close to it as possible) from left to right and right to left. I also like doing this in a clockwise direction around my whole stomach as can aid digestion and reduce stiffness and tightness in other areas that may be affected by the surgery indirectly.


  1. Don't force a movement
  2. Work where you feel tighter
  3. If there is pain, stop immediately
  4. Work as close to the scar as you can until you feel ready to massage on the scar
  5. There is no rush, go at your own pace
  6. If you don't like using your fingers, look to invest in the smooth lacrosse massage ball its great for doing all of the above without touching the tummy and scar.
  7. Hydrate and move gently within your comfort level
  8. Try and do your massage at the same time daily until you achieve a sense of suppleness in the skin and tissues. Once you have achieved this then you can do it once a week and move to once a month
  9. Scar tissue remains active for up to 2 years so keeping this going will be really helpful as it slowly heals over time with a good foundation.


Often a C section can be a very traumatic experience if it was not planned. This causes us to disconnect from this area due to the event being too overwhelming. This is out body's way of coping with a stressful and traumatic time. It's a very natural part of coping with trauma. Being unable to touch or look at your scar may mean your body is dealing with some trauma from the event and you may need to seek professional support and help to unlock and let go of the trauma so that you can focus on self healing and self care.

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