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Just had a C Section - what do I do now?

By Angela Jameson on 7 September 2020

A C-Section results in major abdominal surgery. Whether it was an elective or emergency C-Section, the recovery is much tougher than of a vaginal delivery. Its really important you do start moving as soon as you feel comfortable and starting with a gentle walk for 10mins around your room or corridor.

In those first few weeks its important to rest and focus on your little one and your recovery.

  1. Move as much as you can to help improve blood flow which can help speed up your recovery
  2. Avoid lifting or carrying anything heavy
  3. Drink plenty of fluid
  4. Once the scar and stitches have healed you can start gentle abdominal massage
  5. If you need to cough or laugh, place a pillow on your tummy and press firmly whilst coughing or laughing to ease any discomfort

During your 0-10 weeks recovery, some of you may want to start your healing journey and here are a few things you can start to focus on until you are given the all clear from your GP or midwife to start exercising.

  1. Breathing
  2. C-section and DR Abdominal Massage
  3. Integration on breathe, PF and TVA activation during functional day to day demanding exercises
  4. Nutrition - hydration, increased protein intake and anti-inflammatory foods will be a must for supporting your recovery.

Please join me for my Post Natal Self Care Class on Saturdays 10.15-10.45am. (please email me, as dates change) Its free and the focus is to improve your knowledge about your post natal recovery and a chance to ask any questions you might have about getting started into an exercise programme. It will also be a chance to meet other mums who are recovering so you don't feel alone in the process.

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