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5 X 5min workouts

If you struggle for time but want to create a good habit of moving everyday, then these 5min workouts are […]

Pregnancy Workouts

Take care of yourself while preparing for birth with a variety of prenatal classes designed for all stages of your […]

Post Natal Workouts

Start your recovery after birth with these workouts that help guide you through pelvic floor connection, DR recovery, safe abdominal […]

Fit to Ski

Going skiing? Use these videos to get into shape so you can enjoy the slopes and reduce injuries.

Stretching and Yoga

This collection of classes offers a variety of muscle lengthening movement patterns, stretches, mobility and trigger releasing techniques which are […]

Technique Practice

Classes that will give you the tools and top tips to improve and better an exercise to help you achieve […]

12 Days of Fitmas 2022

My aim here is the get you doing something everyday for 12 days. Take this time to gift yourself with […]

Small Props Challenge

A series of workouts using the variety of different props on offer. Perhaps you would like to use the Fitness […]

12 Days of Fitmas 2021

12 workouts in 12 days to keep you going through the lead up to Christmas. Every day is a different […]