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By Angela Jameson on 22 December 2021


Welcome to my 12 days of FITMAS challenge. I have put together 12 videos for you to try and do every day for 12 days followed by 6 tiny habits to help improve your health and wellbeing heading towards Christmas with the aim to keep some (perhaps not all) of them up into the new year!

Day 1 - Cold Shower Challenge - now this can be really hard as its freezing outside at the moment but you could start with your legs or your back or just go for it and submerge yourself for 30sec to 1min under the cold shower!

Day 2 - Veggie Challenge - this may be easy for some and not for others, but I challenge you to count the number of veg you eat in a day and see if you can push it up by another 3-5 portions. Perhaps just eating carrots as a snack is good enough for you but even better would be making a lovely veggie curry for example and load it up with aubergine, peppers, chickpeas, sweetcorn, broccoli to name a few. Choose your favourite ones.

Day 3 - Sleep and screen challenge - I challenge you to turn off your computer and TV screen by 9pm and either go soak in the bath tub or read a book you have always wanted to get stuck into. There will plenty of festive movie watching during the holidays so why not take a break and see how this affects your sleep! You might even surprise yourself as to how much better you sleep getting to bed early but also cutting out the light.

Day 4 - 20min Cardio Challenge - I challenge you to add a little more cardio into your life! Can you perhaps meet a friend and go for a 20min power walk, take a break from the screen and do one of my Weight HIIT workouts or jump into your Peloton Bike (if you are lucky enough to have one) and give yourself an extra blast of cardio fitness. This is so beneficial to keeping our heart healthy and promoting those all important endorphins we need to feel happy!

Day 5 - Meditation Challenge - Lets be honest! we all need this in our lives! So, why not try put a mindful soundtrack on (I like Alpha, Beta and Theta Meditation sounds on youtube) and its a lovely calming sound to relax to. Take 10-20min to make an effort to lie down and just focus on your breathing. If you need a more guided meditation you can always download one of the may apps out there but a popular one is Headspace.

Day 6 - Reduce Snacking Challenge - This is also another biggie in our lives. Its so easy to pass the fridge or cupboard and pick something yummy out and put it into our mouths without even thinking! So, I challenge you to only eat something that can be put onto a plate and eaten. So if you are rushing out the door (STOP!) don't eat on the run!

I hope you enjoy trying some of these or creating your own little tiny habit changes to see you through the festive season and into the new year ahead. Remember it does not have to be everything in one go, you could start with just being more active or improving your breakfast or reducing your caffeine intake by not having that extra cup of coffee! You choose and give something a go!

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