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Optimal Breathing for the early Post Natal Phase #1

Angela Jameson
15 minutes
Suitable for all

This is a great video for anyone who is recently post natal and in need to learn how to breathe more efficiently again. When we are pregnant our intrabdomal pressure (the pressure inside us) is very different to when we dont have a baby growing and this can change where and how we breathe. Since the baby takes up a lot of space we learn to breathe from our shoulders and chest. In order to heal our DR, C section scar and pelvic floor strength we need to learn to breathe from out tummy again and let go this holding in feeling. We need to feel that our ribs can move out and up and in and down freely rather than being stuck. We need to feel our bellies move out and in too. So, follow along and I hope it makes sense. Apologies for not looking directly at the camera, I was looking at where I thought the camera lens was but clearly its not quite the right position.