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Pelvic Floor Safe HIIT workout

Angela Jameson
15 minutes
Suitable for all

This is a great workout for anyone recently post natal who has done some initial core restoration with my post natal classes and feels confident that their Diastasis Recti is healing and C section scar does not cause any pain. This is also great for anyone who has a reduced pelvic floor strength but looking to do a little more and get more from their workouts without causing things to be more damaging to their pelvic floor. First round I do the movements without a load so just body weight, add weights as you feel confident or feel comfortable adding them in without causing any undue stress to your pelvic floor. If in doubt, do drop me an email or contact your midwife if you have any leaking during or post a workout. This is not normal and should not be seen as normal by anyone. We need to address any leakages and build your foundations. Do not accept that this is normal post delivery! Every woman has the right to be continent!