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Angela Jameson

Angela was brought up in South Africa and finished her education in the UK. She completed her degree in Sports Science and went on to study for her diploma in Personal training. As well as being highly qualified in all areas of fitness Angela added to her many qualifications by becoming a STOTT Pilates Mat Work, Reformer, Cadillac instructor with a special interest in pre and postnatal pilates, health and wellbeing.

She has undergone extensive training and is able to offer tuition to all ages and levels of fitness. She is highly trained in this field and is able to ensure all pre and postnatal women have the best and safest advice and support throughout their pregnancy and beyond.

WHAT SHE IS CURRENTLY STUDYING - Angela has decided to study A Menopause Transition Online Certification with Burrell Education and already although its just the start is learning so much that she can filter into her current classes but will look forward to sharing her new knowledge to help women who are entering into the perimenopause to menopause transition. Something she has learnt already, is that by changing our lifestyles a little before we start the transition can help to reduce some of the symptoms that we can experience during it. So, she can't wait to learn and know more and share such valuable information with you all.

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