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Angela Jameson

Angela was brought up in South Africa and finished her education in the UK. She completed her degree in Sports Science and went on to study for her diploma in Personal training. As well as being highly qualified in all areas of fitness Angela added to her many qualifications by becoming a STOTT Pilates Mat Work, Reformer, Cadillac instructor with a special interest in pre and postnatal pilates, health and wellbeing.

She has undergone extensive training and is able to offer tuition to all ages and levels of fitness. She is highly trained in this field and is able to ensure all pre and postnatal women have the best and safest advice and support throughout their pregnancy and beyond.

WHAT SHE IS CURRENTLY STUDYING - Angela has decided to study A Menopause Transition Online Certification with Burrell Education and already although its just the start is learning so much that she can filter into her current classes but will look forward to sharing her new knowledge to help women who are entering into the perimenopause to menopause transition. Something she has learnt already, is that by changing our lifestyles a little before we start the transition can help to reduce some of the symptoms that we can experience during it. So, she can't wait to learn and know more and share such valuable information with you all.

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Latest health and fitness tips

Post Natal Recovery Foods - overnight oats

This lovely recipe was brought to you by a lovely colleague of mine who specialises in Nutrition for pregnancy and post natal recovery. She has shared with me a few recipes. Try and plan your week of food so you avoid the sugar highs and lows, starting with a breakfast of soaked oats overnight is […]


C Section Massage - what is the best way to do this?

I am sure there are many methods that can be applied to performing the C- section massage, but here is how I do it and has worked for me and my past clients. Start by using any oil/cream you may have. I personally liked using Rosehip oil, it is said to be great for nourishing […]


Had a C Section - How can massage help my recovery?

I found this amazing visual video on you tube by Naturally Nurtured Birth Services and found this to be so great in understanding the depth of the incision. It really shows that it's not just the outside layer (skin) that has been cut. Watching this, I hope will give you a deeper understanding of why […]


Had a C Section - what's happened to my body?

After my C section, I lost all strength in my body and I found it particularly difficult to get up from lying down and had to perform the 'log roll' technique to get up out of bed for quite a few months. This makes it particularly challenging when baby wakes crying and you need to […]


Just had a C Section - what do I do now?

A C-Section results in major abdominal surgery. Whether it was an elective or emergency C-Section, the recovery is much tougher than of a vaginal delivery. Its really important you do start moving as soon as you feel comfortable and starting with a gentle walk for 10mins around your room or corridor. In those first few […]


Recently had a baby? Why breathing, stretching and good body alignment can help you heal quicker.

We take over 20,000 breaths a day and the breath is one of the primary restorative influencers in post-natal core recovery. For many post-natal ladies we need to re-learn how to breathe the right way as the rigours of pregnancy and delivery can cause a mis-firing of these muscles in the right order. Faulty breathing […]


When can I start exercising post birth?

So, many mums ask me this in my pre natal Pilates classes and the truth is there is no right answer. I am sorry I can’t make it black and white for you but that’s the way it is I am afraid. With every woman being very different and experiencing pregnancy differently makes how you […]


Help! I am pregnant but still want to exercise

Here are some guidelines to help you continue doing just that…. You have just found out that you are pregnant and love training hard. There has been loads of research to say keeping active in your pregnancy is very beneficial to mum and baby. Barring any complications and contraindications you should continue to exercise for best health […]


5 ways to improve your morning energy levels

Do you find you are feeling groggy some days? Do you feel as though you have heavy legs even when you have not done any training? Do you wake up and feel as though you need another nights sleep? Well if this is the case, why not try a few of these tips and see […]


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