A massage has many different focusses!

Relaxation, Release, Relief, Re-energize, Restore.

And many different benefits!

Improved blood flow and sensation

Improved emotional connection

Reduced pain and discomfort

Reduced feeling of restriction

Smoother surface of scar

Reduced redness and lumpiness of scar texture.


Why you should have a massage if you have had a c-section, hysterectomy or a diastasic recti?

As a women who has undergone an operation such as a hysterectomy or a C section this is major abdominal surgery and we need all of the above from a massage.

Often, women will say to me in an assessment ‘oh yes, I had a c section but the scar is healed and fine’ or ‘ I had a c section what exercises can I do to heal?’ although these may be true we are missing the key thing here. YOU HAD ABDOMINAL SURGERY! This takes months of healing and recovery but yet we are expected to function as if nothing happened post the operation. In fact scar tissue can remain active for some time.

So, with the power of touch, we can effect the deepest of changes to the inside of our bodies! Lets get started……

Now, when I see women post an operation, some may be very happy to touch their scar and others may have to work towards this. Wherever you are starting, just know that the more you learn to love and touch your stomach and scar the faster and better healing you will have in the long run! No matter how long this takes you to achieve!

By offering abdominal massage for a c section or hysterectomy you can start to make changes to the fascia (connective tissues) surrounding the area that has been operated on by breaking down any scar tissue and adhesions. These adhesions will affect the way you move and could be a cause of your back pain, painful intercourse and SIJ pain. By breaking them down you will reduce tension, tightness and restrictions creating a more fluid movement throughout your body.

What happens pre appointment?

1. Get in touch and book an appointment

Telephone: 07966 297430

2. Complete an online health questionnaire

This will give me a deeper understanding of where we need to start and what you need from the appointment.

3. Come to your appointment and enjoy!

This treatment will be beneficial for any woman who has undergone:
C-section, Hysterectomy, Oophorectomy, Myomectomy, Diastasis Repair, Tummy Tuck, Appendix, Gall Bladder.

Appointments available on Wednesdays and Saturdays.