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6 Days of Fitmas!

Coming soon.....! I am so excited to share with you very soon a series of workouts to help you feel […]

Live Member Pilates Workouts

All my once a month workouts will be saved here for you to revisit and do at your own leisure. […]

Motivation for Daily Movement.

A week of workouts to keep you going and focused in your week. Short and Sweet and very easy to […]

Commit, don't quit!

A daily workout to encourage you to show up everyday on your mat, helping to create a really good habit […]

Fit in 15min

Join me in these quick and effective workouts to create a daily habit of moving. From stretching, lower legs and […]

C-Section Recovery Programme

Everything you need to help with your post natal recovery. Posture, Breathing, Massage, Core and more. Knowing more can help […]

Abs in 10min

Designed to give you a great 10min core workout. Add on to a session or do it as a stand […]

Spring Challenge

Use these short workouts to move every day during the Easter Holidays. We all have 15min or less to move, […]

5 X 5min workouts

If you struggle for time but want to create a good habit of moving everyday, then these 5min workouts are […]

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